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Mis-Attributed House

Name: Wlostowice

Circary at the Time: Polonia

Years of Activity: 1193 - ?

Gallery: (none)

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Monasticon Praemonstratense (I, 353)

Approximate modern location: In far western Poland, just east of Leknica.  

Elm-Number [See below]: None.*

Other Comments: One source indicates that such an abbey was founded by Archbishop Peter Gottlieb II.  However, the rest have nothing of such an abbey.  More likely, Wlostowice refers to "village of Wlastii" and Peter Dunin Wlast was a famous founder of a Benedictine House, in Losswitz, near Breslau.  Without further manuscript proofs however, this is impossible to decide.  

* This listing (and the numbers, with a few adjustments after 1995) is based on the map contained in Kaspar Elm's Norbert von Xanten: Adliger, Ordensstifter, Kirchenfürst, Wienand Verlag, Köln, 1984, page 328-329.