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Name:  Orange County, California, U.S.A., St. Michael's Abbey

Circary: English

Diocese: Diocese of Orange

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Monasticon Praemonstratense (There is no reference to this Abbey in the Monasticon, however, there is reference to the precursor house of it (Santa Ana) on III, 332)


Founded in 1961 as a house for refugee / exile confreres from Csorna Abbey, Csorna, Hungary, with the name of "Novitiate of the Abbey of Csorna in Orange California." 

Initially housed in Santa Ana, California, and later moved into the suburban hills of Los Angeles, on May 5, 1975 it was made a Priory under its own jurisdiction and was elevated to Abbey status on August 15, 1984.  

It is currently one of the most flourishing -- and demographically one of the youngest -- in the Order, and has recently helped found the first Order House for Sisters in North America.  

Special Note: 

The reason that this house is often referred to as "Orange" in many Order publications is that its physical location is within Orange County, California.  The City of Silverado is the merely the location of the nearest Post Office, and the Abbey receives its mail from that office.