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Name:  Leffe, Assumption of the B.M.V. and S. Joann. Evang.

Circary: French

Diocese: Namur

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Monasticon Praemonstratense: (II, 386)

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The monastery is located at the northern edge of Dinant, in the town of Leffe, at a significant roadway crossroads.  The monastery church is easily missed, even when walking by it.  Across from the westfront of the church (close to the river), is a small parking lot which is used for Masses.  There is a water tap at the left side of the church, where one would normally expect a trancept.  This tap dispenses the famous Leffe water and is frequented by the local population.  Again, with all the traffic, the crossroads, and the surrounding buildings, Leffe is very easy to miss!

Elm Number:  89*


North of Dinant, and founded in 1152 as a Priory attached to the Abbey of Floreffe, elevated to the status of Abbey in 1200. After the disturbances during and after the French Revolution it was abandoned and partially destroyed. In 1931 Leffe was restored through the Abbey of Tongerlo, becoming a self-governing Abbey in its own right.

* This listing (and the numbers, with a few adjustments after 1995) is based on the map contained in Kaspar Elm's Norbert von Xanten: Adliger, Ordensstifter, Kirchenfürst, Wienand Verlag, Köln, 1984, page 328-329.