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Veerle Convent, Veerle, Belgium


This Veerle convent, view looking from the pasture near the local highway.

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This is the Residence building for the convent.

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Another view.

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Behind this Residence building is one of the most beautiful Premonstratensian secrets in all of Europe -- a marvelous garden and lake! veerle09.jpg (27326 bytes)
Another garden view. veerle10.jpg (34314 bytes)
Another garden view, also showing part of the cemetery for the Sisters at Veerle. veerle08.jpg (29099 bytes)
Reception room for confreres or visitors. veerle05.jpg (20585 bytes)
Convent Church, showing the area where the Sisters convene to attend Liturgical ceremonies.  Sister Evermoda, our tour guide, graciously agreed to pose for this photograph! veerle03.jpg (21566 bytes)
Main altar area of the Convent Church. veerle02.jpg (19747 bytes)
Choir area of the Convent Church. veerle01.jpg (24360 bytes)
Side area by main altar (with its own separate entryway in the rear) where lay persons may attend liturgical services. veerle04.jpg (23662 bytes)