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Torre Abbey, Devon, England


Our thanks to our Order friend, Dawn, 
for her contributions of photos from Torre
and to her daughters Kayleigh and Jade 
for making these photos so much more entertaining!

This is a black and white photo of an artist's rendering of the principal buildings surviving at Torre.  These buildings were part of an extensive residence of the Cary family from the late 16th century until the early-mid 20th century.  At this time, Torre is public property, serving as a park, art gallery and municipal meeting place.

IMTorre01.jpg (18085 bytes)

This is the sign which welcomes visitors to Torre.

01 Torre Abbey Sign.jpg (18335 bytes)

Wide view, principal surviving buildings at Torre. 02 West Front of Abbey.jpg (12440 bytes)
Main walkway for viewing the principal surviving buildings. 04 Main driveway.jpg (10644 bytes)
The parklike setting of Torre is a restful place for families, and many works of art can be seen inside and outside the principal surviving buildings.  Here Kayleigh (left) and Jade McGeoch (right) pause their "exploration" of the abbey grounds to pose briefly by a large bird bath on a fine English afternoon! 08 Girls by giant birdbaths.jpg (16126 bytes)
Abbots tower. 06 Abbots Tower closer view.jpg (12774 bytes)
Gatehouse. 09 Gatehouse.jpg (13362 bytes)
View from the gatehouse walkway looking back toward the main surviving buildings. 10 Abbots Tower alt view.jpg (12514 bytes)
Gatehouse -- carraige and pedestrian gates. 11 Closeup of gateway.jpg (17305 bytes)
Window above the gate house doorways. 14 Window above gatewat entrance.jpg (15862 bytes)
Spanish barn. 13 Spanish barn.jpg (11176 bytes)
Spanish barn, closeup. 12 Spanish barn door.jpg (14266 bytes)
Chapter house walls. 15 Chapterhouse entrance.jpg (18358 bytes)
Chapter house entry doors and windows. 44 Norman arch.jpg (19163 bytes)
Chapter house entry doors and windows, another view. 43 Norman arch to chapter house.jpg (20383 bytes)
Doorway into the infirmary. 23 Entrance to infirmary.jpg (18772 bytes)
Outer view of the infirmary doorway. 39 Side of infirmary.jpg (19164 bytes)
Outer view of the infirmary doorway. 41 Close up infirmary wall.jpg (21271 bytes)
Muniment room wall. 17 Muniment room.jpg (17662 bytes)
Sacristy wall. 20 Part of sacristy wall.jpg (19995 bytes)
Stairwell in the sacristy area. 21 Stairwell in scristy.jpg (20068 bytes)

Closeup of the sacristy stairwell.

22 Close up sacristy stairs.jpg (20386 bytes)
Nave. 28 Nave.jpg (16670 bytes)
Nave area. 29 Nave again.jpg (14985 bytes)
Nave -- pillar bases. 27 Pillar bases.jpg (16069 bytes)
Drain around the outer perimiter of the abbey church building. 30 Stone drain.jpg (18105 bytes)
Stairway by the abbey church tower. 34 Tower staircase.jpg (19555 bytes)
Closeup of the stairway by the abbey church tower. 35 Close up tower staircase.jpg (20161 bytes)
The collapsed abbey church tower. 31 Tower from nave side.jpg (19557 bytes)
Tower ruins. 26 Tower remains.jpg (13439 bytes)
More tower ruins. 24 Remains of tower.jpg (13456 bytes)
Choir foundations. 32 Base of choir stalls.jpg (18409 bytes)
Choir foundations, other side -- with the tower ruins in the background. 33 Choir stall other side.jpg (18528 bytes)
Stone coffin in the chancel area of the abbey church. 38 Stone coffin in chancel.jpg (16569 bytes)
Wall by apse / high altar end of abbey church. 25 Remains high altar wall.jpg (19003 bytes)
Closeup of worked stone in wall by apse / high altar. 36 Worked stone altar wall.jpg (17908 bytes)
Closeup of worked stone in wall by apse / high altar. 37 Close up worked stone.jpg (18632 bytes)
Outside view of the wall by the apse / high altar. 40 Outside altar wall.jpg (18161 bytes)
Side chapel -- with stone coffin. 16 Stone coffin in side chapel.jpg (18566 bytes)
Closeup of the stone coffin in the side chapel. 18 Stone coffin.jpg (16291 bytes)
Wall niche. 19 Recess in wall.jpg (18901 bytes)
Tower staircase 35 Close up tower staircase.jpg (20161 bytes)
Closeup of the Tower staircase 45 Bricked up doorway.jpg (18939 bytes)
North entryway into the undercroft rooms. 47 Undercroft North.jpg (11118 bytes)
North undercroft room area. 48 North undercroft 2.jpg (9212 bytes)
South undercroft room area. 49 Undercroft South.jpg (8899 bytes)
Undercroft pillar structure. 50 Undercroft pillar.jpg (8407 bytes)
Upstairs parlour, thought to be the abbot's room. 51 torre, gatehouse room.jpg (12784 bytes)
Wide view of abbey grounds, gatehouse to the left. 52 torre, surviving buildings.jpg (16654 bytes)
Upper dining room, used in Reformation times as a private "Poppish" (Catholic) chapel. 53 torre, dining room.jpg (25740 bytes)
The public chapel 54 torre, public chapel.jpg (24416 bytes)
A surviving medieval door. 55 torre, lobby door.jpg (14710 bytes)
Model of Torre at its height. 56 torre, abbey model.jpg (29936 bytes)
The "spanish" barn. 57 torre, barn 2.jpg (16328 bytes)
Closeup of grave commemorative head. 58 torre, stone head.jpg (11832 bytes)
18th Century sketch of the abbey and grounds. 59 torre, engraving 1662.jpg (47378 bytes)