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Pont Au Mousson

NOTE:  This abbey was the center of 
a great ascetic and spiritual reform movement
during the 17th and 18th centuries -- 
the Congregation of Ancient Rigor


This is a view of Pont Au   Mousson from across the river Moselle in Lorraine.  Heavily damaged in World War II, it was offered to the Order by the French Government.  The Order declined, however, due to the expense of refurbishment, and the site fell into disrepair.  Much of this location has now been converted into a municipally owned conference center.

IMPontAuMousson01.jpg (15768 bytes)

This is a view of the Apse end of the Abbey Church from the city streets.

IMPontAuMousson02.jpg (17669 bytes)

This is the cloister ballustrade of this extremely beautiful site just after the Second World War.

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This is the entry portal into the Chapter Room.  Please note the refuse on the floor.  Again, the photo is from just after WWII.

IMPontAuMousson73.jpg (17875 bytes) 

This is a more modern photo of the Abbey remains which are now municipally owned, and used as a conference center.  For this beautiful photograph, we thank Dr. Phil Green of the University of Sheffield, England, who in 1997 attended a conference there on Automatic Speech Recognition.

PhilGreen01.gif (165504 bytes)

A still more recent photo.
The abbey is now a conference center.