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Park Abbey, Belgium


This is Park.

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Here is an aerial view.

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This is a view of the main portal at left, St. Norbert's Gate.

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The Provisor's House gate at Park -- located to the right of the St. Norbert gate.

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Exterior wall at Park.

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Residence building at Park.

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Stables (left) and service building (right) which are close to the St. Norbert gate..  Parking outside of picture to the right. 1-park-03.jpg (12507 bytes)
Once you pass through the Provisor's House gate, you go by this service building (right) and through the gate in the distance. 1-park-02.jpg (19017 bytes)
Closeup of St. Norbert gate (notice that the pedestrian gate is opened, while the carriage gate is closed). 1-park-04.jpg (16793 bytes)
The Provisor's house. 1-park-05.jpg (17536 bytes)
The entry salon for guests and confreres.  1-park-06.jpg (16453 bytes)
Abbey Church bell tower. 1-park-09.jpg (20459 bytes)
Closeup of original Romanesque entry door into Abbey Church. 1-park-10.jpg (20745 bytes)
Main altar area (main altar is to left in this photo) park002.jpg (19946 bytes)
Looking up toward the choir area from the back of the nave. park003.jpg (17644 bytes)
St. Norbert flanking the main altar (on the left side) park004.jpg (16359 bytes)
St. Augustine flanking the main altar (on the right side) park005.jpg (17120 bytes)
Choir area closeup. park006.jpg (26283 bytes)
High altar closeup. park009.jpg (28055 bytes)
Choir area, closer view. park007.jpg (25106 bytes)
View of a Misericordium seat, under the usual choir stall seat, which confreres can "lean back on" while standing at Divine Office. park008.jpg (20872 bytes)
Abbots chair, at the side of the choir, not the back. park010.jpg (26872 bytes)
Looking out toward the rear of the Abbey Church from the main altar area. park011.jpg (20345 bytes)
Doorway into the Chapter Room. park029.jpg (20510 bytes)
Chapter Room with famous paintings depicting the life of Norbert. park012.jpg (24768 bytes)
Another view of the Chapter Room. park013.jpg (24362 bytes)
Chapter room

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The famous stairs -- centuries old -- which have carried generations of Norbertines to and from their dormitory residences at Park park060.jpg (18877 bytes)
Dormitory / Cloister walk

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Dormitory / Cloister hallway. 1-park-08.jpg (16572 bytes)
Refurbished "apartment" area on dormitory floor.  Everthing has been modernized, with the exception of the door height, and the flooring (original, see below) park017.jpg (15155 bytes)
Restored flooring in dormitory "apartment" park018.jpg (19477 bytes)
Round skylight in dormitory walkway park019.jpg (13601 bytes)
Refectory park024.jpg (26515 bytes)
Refectory park025.jpg (27403 bytes)

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Refectory 1-park-07.jpg (21549 bytes)
Plaster of Paris high bas-relief in the refectory: The Last Supper. park026.jpg (17687 bytes)
Another bas-relief in the refectory - I believe the breaking of bread at Emmaus. park027.jpg (19738 bytes)
1-park-01.jpg (26696 bytes)
Closeup of the stacks at the Library. park054.jpg (30406 bytes)
Other view of Library Stacks park055.jpg (26132 bytes)

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Closeup of bas-relief on end-wall of Library. park059.jpg (16525 bytes)
Other end-wall bas-relief in Library. park052.jpg (19289 bytes)
Overhead bas-relief in Library. park053.jpg (18926 bytes)
Overhead bas-relief in Library. park056.jpg (24849 bytes)
Overhead bas-relief in Library. park058.jpg (20875 bytes)
Cloister garden. park015.jpg (23235 bytes)
Alternate view, Cloister garden. park016.jpg (28459 bytes)
Yet another view, Cloister garden park030.jpg (26517 bytes)
Cloister walk. IMPark65.jpg (20967 bytes)
Alternate view, Cloister walk. park023.jpg (23246 bytes)
Vaulting in the Cloister walk. park020.jpg (26633 bytes)
Modern stained glass window showing the Coats of Arms of all organizations supporting Park Abbey.  park061.jpg (36374 bytes)
The stained glass windows of Park were "sold off" during the first portion of the 19th century because of financial crises.  This one and several others were "rebought".  This one comes back home from the United States. park051.jpg (31592 bytes)
There is a very interesting set of stained glass windows at Park.  This window shows Norbert  prostrating himself before Pope Calixtus II in the presence of his ally, advisor and mentor, Bishop Bartholomeus (gesturing).

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In this window, Norbert (left) and Bernard submit to and consult with  Emperor Lothair III.

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Here, Norbert in white habit, escorts both Emperor Lothair III (center, with sceptre) and Pope Innocent II (triple crown, right) into Rome (note the SPQR at upper right -- Senatus Populusque Romanorum).  The Holy Roman Imperial banner of gold and black (flag at upper left) remained the same from medieval times to the end of the imperial reign in 1918. 

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In this window we see the attempted murder of Norbert in Magdeburg.

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