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Holy Trinity Abbey, Kilnacrott, 
County Cavan, Republic of Ireland


Main Abbey buildings of Holy Trinity Abbey, Kilnacrott, County Cavan, Republic of Ireland. @kil-01.jpg (15193 bytes)
Main Abbey buildings, with the cloister walk at right. @kil02.jpg (15378 bytes)
A view of the main Abbey buildings, showing just a hint of the garden / walk area at left. @kil-03.jpg (14623 bytes)
The side garden / walk area. @kil-04.jpg (20877 bytes)
A wider view of the Abbey and grounds. @kil-05.jpg (17848 bytes)
Grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary across from the main entrance to the Abbey. @kil-06.jpg (17765 bytes)
A closeup of the Grotto of the Blessed Virgin. @kil-07.jpg (30279 bytes)
Abbey Church -- with the Latin exclamation: Praise Forever to the Most Holy Trinity! @kil-08.jpg (14713 bytes)
Cloister walk in the Abbey, with abbot Colwell (now deceased) in prayer. @kil-09.jpg (13847 bytes)
Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the prayer corridor of the Abbey. @kil-10.jpg (14335 bytes)
Shrine of the Divine Mercy, located at Holy Trinity Abbey.  The large image of Christ behind the altar is made of inlaid multicolored formed-wood pieces in a unique artistic manner known as "Marquetry" or "Intarsia".   This is the first example of such large scale use of this art in church decoration since medieval times. @kil-11.jpg (20840 bytes)
The grotto area of Our Lady of England at Spalding Parish, now under the care of Kilnacrott Abbey.  Spalding is located in central England. 

IMStorrington74.jpg (26623 bytes)

Detail of the Statue of Our Lady of England in the grotto area at Spalding Parish.

IMStorrington75.jpg (27216 bytes)

A depiction of the Assumption in the Grotto.

IMStorrington73.jpg (24001 bytes)

Detail of two stained glass windows (we apologize for not having them in color) at Spalding Parish.  At left is St. Norbert as Archbishop of Magdeburg, and at right is St. Hermann Joseph as a child presenting an apple to the Blessed Virgin.

IMStorrington76.jpg (31241 bytes)