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St. Norbert Priory
Jamtara, India


This is the "official" portrait of St. Norbert Priory in Jamtara, as it appears in the Catalogus of Norbertine Locations, 1995.

IMJamtara77.jpg (19007 bytes)

Top-down view of the priory. Jmt-01.jpg (22975 bytes)
The guest wing and chapel of the Priory. Jmt-02.jpg (17613 bytes)
An outer view of the Prayer Hall. Jmt-03.jpg (20125 bytes)
Another view of the Guest Wing. Jmt-04.jpg (23470 bytes)
The Prelate's Office and room. Jmt-05.jpg (20655 bytes)
The classroom wing and the basketball / volleyball court. Jmt-06.jpg (20017 bytes)
The inner cloister-garden. Jmt-07.jpg (29808 bytes)
A class in session. Jmt-08.jpg (22235 bytes)
Another view of a class in session. Jmt-09.jpg (24632 bytes)
The front gate of the Priory, note the side-view of the Shrine of Our Lady, at right. Jmt-10.jpg (24315 bytes)
Closeup of the Shrine of Our Lady.  Jmt-11.jpg (23541 bytes)
Novices avidly learning their computer skills! Jmt-12.jpg (15583 bytes)
A model of the complete Priory of St. Norbert at Jamtara. Jmt-13.jpg (19266 bytes)
Common Meals. Jmt-14.jpg (21920 bytes)
Common Prayer. Jmt-15.jpg (25316 bytes)
Villagers of Jamtara. Jmt-16.jpg (30412 bytes)
Village children of Jamtara. Jmt-17.jpg (28885 bytes)
Chapter Meeting, 1998, showing the confreres of the Canonry of Jamtara.  This photo also celebrates the Platinum Jubilee of Norbertines in India (75 Years).  Jmt-18.jpg (29784 bytes)
A closeup of the Chapter Photograph, showing Priory Rocky D'Souza and the Abbot General at his left. Jmt-19.jpg (27554 bytes)
(Left-to-Right) Abbot General, Fr. Rocky D'Souza (Prelate Emeritus), and Fr. Roman Vanasse. Jmt-20.jpg (17360 bytes)
"PREM SANCHAR" the First Norbertine Communications Centre of India. Jmt-21.jpg (16836 bytes)
A closeup of PREM SANCHAR. Jmt-23.jpg (19973 bytes)
The Open Air Stage at PREM SANCHAR, being decorated in honor of the 75th Anniversary of the Norbertines in India. Jmt-22.jpg (23206 bytes)
Fr. Moses Dantas, the Director of PREM SANCHAR, teaches a class in Indian Music. Jmt-24.jpg (23737 bytes)
Fr. Moses Dantas conducts a class in Media Education at the Communications Center. Jmt-25.jpg (21081 bytes)
The annual one month summer course in music and dance conducted at PREM SANCHAR. Jmt-26.jpg (27504 bytes)
Recognition day at the annual one month summer course in music and dance conducted at PREM SANCHAR. Jmt-27.jpg (26101 bytes)
Recognition day at the annual one month summer coursein music and dance conducted at PREM SANCHAR. Jmt-28.jpg (21442 bytes)
Students with their teacher, Ms. Jyoti. Jmt-29.jpg (23324 bytes)