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Jabalpur Ministries Unit of St. Norbert Priory, Jamtara, India
(Ghamapur, Vehicle Factory, Adhartal, Shastri Nagar, Yeharwada)


Ghamapur: Norbertine Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.

JAB-GHA-30.JPG (14238 bytes)

Ghamapur: Norvertine Parish House and Church.

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Ghamapur: Church and School (with a spirited game of volleyball in progress). JAB-GHA-32.JPG (19005 bytes)
Ghamapur: Closeup of the Norbertine Parish House. JAB-GHA-33.JPG (23849 bytes)
Vehicle Factory: Norbertine Church and school. JAB-VEH-34.JPG (27236 bytes)
Vehicle Factory: Norvertine Parish House and School. JAB-VEH-35.JPG (17906 bytes)
Vehicle Factory: Norbertine Church, School, and Parish House. JAB-VEH-36.JPG (19044 bytes)
Adhartal: Church. JAB-ADH-37.JPG (15829 bytes)
Adhartal: Church and Children. JAB-ADH-38.JPG (23835 bytes)
Shastri Nagar: St. Jude's Church. JAB-SHA-39.JPG (14697 bytes)
Shastri Nagar: Parish House. JAB-SHA-40.JPG (17390 bytes)
Shastri Nagar: Interior of St. Jude's Church. JAB-SHA-41.JPG (14232 bytes)
Yeharwada: New Church, inaugurated by Bishop Sylvester of Nagpur. JAB-YEH-42.JPG (17174 bytes)
Yeharwada: Parishioners. JAB-YEH-43.JPG (22278 bytes)