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Imbramowice, Poland


This is Imbramowice -- a very old black and white photo from the Archives at St. Norbert Abbey, De Pere, Wisconsin.   Photo was taken from across the wall surrounding the cloister.

IMImbramovice77.jpg (13557 bytes)

Gatehouse area, Imbramowice. Imbr-11.jpg (27111 bytes)
Residence building (left) and Abbey Church. Imbr-06.jpg (22725 bytes)
Abbey church of Sts. Peter and Paul, Imbramowice. Imbr-05.jpg (31259 bytes)
Choir loft area in rear of Abbey church. Imbr-07.jpg (23485 bytes)
Abbey Church high altar. Imbr-08.jpg (29891 bytes)
Library Imbr-15.jpg (21484 bytes)
St. Norbert in Paradise, Abbey church of Sts. Peter and Paul baroque style ceiling decoration. Imbr-04.jpg (26375 bytes)
Christ at Emmaus Imbr-09.jpg (10321 bytes)
Madonna & Child Imbr-10.jpg (24895 bytes)
St. Norbert Imbr-12.jpg (23122 bytes)
Bl. Hermann Joseph Imbr-13.jpg (23620 bytes)
Norbert and confreres with Christ Child. Imbr-14.jpg (31370 bytes)
Norbert receives the Rule of Augustine from St. Augustine himself. Imbr-16.jpg (18142 bytes)
The miraculous suffering Christ, surrounded by hearts in token of prayerful wishes granted. Imbr-03.jpg (34437 bytes)
Jan Breughel's Madonna and Child Imbr-01.jpg (31269 bytes)