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Egglestone Abbey, England


We wish to express our gratitude to two great friends 
of the Premonstratenian Order in Britain,
Brian, for contributing the first three 
photos shown here of Eggleston, 
and Dawn, for her journey to, and tour of Eggleston Abbey, 
providing the remainder of these superb photographs!
Egglestone Abbey from the air. eggleston144.jpg (37139 bytes)
Egglestone from across the river Tees.  
Abbey Church, Egglestone
Another view of the Abbey Church
Dayroom range from the side chapel. egglestone03.jpg (16569 bytes)
Remains of high altar portion of church. egglestone04.jpg (18294 bytes)
Only spiral staircase (upper portion of opening, at right) at Egglestone.  egglestone05.jpg (24906 bytes)
Opening in wall by spiral staircase.  egglestone06.jpg (27106 bytes)
Window at rear of nave. egglestone07.jpg (19478 bytes)
Exit door at rear of nave. egglestone08.jpg (21950 bytes)
Church exit to cloister area. egglestone09.jpg (25043 bytes)
View up to the altar area from the rear of the nave.  You can see the stone tomb at the crossing point of the trancept.  egglestone10.jpg (17520 bytes)
Windows in the north wall of the nave. egglestone11.jpg (29089 bytes)
Stone tomb of Sir Ralph Bowes of Streatlam.   The carvings were extremely detailed and hardly weathered. egglestone12.jpg (25157 bytes)
View down the nave from the high altar area. egglestone13.jpg (19988 bytes)
Large recess in the south wall by the high altar. egglestone14.jpg (26456 bytes)
Sacramentary recesses in the vicinity of the high altar. egglestone15.jpg (28553 bytes)
Closeup of the Sacramentary by the high altar.
Close up of altar area / apse of church.   egglestone17.jpg (20908 bytes)
Slope down to the road -- you can clearly see here that the Abbey was built on a raised area of ground. egglestone18.jpg (21165 bytes)
A close-up of the "stone fill" method of construction! egglestone19.jpg (38878 bytes)
East wall of dayroom range -- you can see the two levels easily because so many of the window openings remain. egglestone20.jpg (19248 bytes)
View down the nave to the rear of the church, taken from the side chapel. egglestone21.jpg (17710 bytes)
Outside view of lower window in dayroom range. egglestone22.jpg (27008 bytes)
Outside view of upper windows in dayroom range. egglestone23.jpg (25806 bytes)
Various views of the store room under the Novice quarters. egglestone24.jpg (22146 bytes)
Another view of the storeroom. egglestone25.jpg (20359 bytes)
Another view of the storeroom. egglestone26.jpg (20945 bytes)
Drainage channel under the Novice quarters. egglestone27.jpg (22643 bytes)
Another view of the drainage channel under the Novice quarters. egglestone28.jpg (30710 bytes)
View down to the road, taken from the rear of the Novice quarters. egglestone29.jpg (23138 bytes)
Entrance to the "warming room". egglestone30.jpg (27341 bytes)
Stairs up to the dormitory, taken from Novice's room. egglestone31.jpg (24032 bytes)
Fireplace in the Novice's room. egglestone32.jpg (26695 bytes)
View down to the river Tees. egglestone33.jpg (25912 bytes)
View in the vicinity of the Novices quarters / dayroom area. egglestone34.jpg (17775 bytes)
Recess in Novice's quarters above and to the right of the fireplace. egglestone35.jpg (22644 bytes)
View from the Novice's quarters across the cloister to the kitchen and western range. egglestone36.jpg (18647 bytes)
Refectory from Novice's quarters. egglestone37.jpg (20225 bytes)
Cloister and rear of the church from Novice's quarters. egglestone38.jpg (17537 bytes)
End of dayroom, looking towards Novice's quarters. egglestone39.jpg (23360 bytes)
Chimny about halfway down the east side of the dayroom! egglestone40.jpg (27377 bytes)
Remains of the Refectory.  Apparently there are undercrofts (cellars) under the Refectory, but there was no evidence of them. egglestone41.jpg (17899 bytes)
View down the length of the kitchen and western range.  egglestone42.jpg (17128 bytes)
The back of the nave and south trancept.   egglestone43.jpg (18944 bytes)
The dayroom and dormitory range across the cloister, as seen from the western range. egglestone44.jpg (21081 bytes)
Another view of the dayroom and dormitory range across the cloister, as seen from the western range. egglestone45.jpg (20032 bytes)
Windows of the south trancept.  egglestone46.jpg (19402 bytes)
Standing wall between rear of the church and the western range. egglestone47.jpg (21880 bytes)
Tomb of an abbot close to that of Sir Ralph.   It is clearly an abbot's tomb because of the presence of the Crosier carving at left. egglestone49.jpg (26663 bytes)
Windows on the south wall of the nave. egglestone50.jpg (24871 bytes)
Windows on the south wall of the nave. egglestone51.jpg (29272 bytes)
View of the Abbey as seen on the approach road.  egglestone54.jpg (19165 bytes)
Another view of the Abbey from the approach road. egglestone55.jpg (15720 bytes)

This is an older photograph of Egglestone found in the Archives of St. Norbert Abbey, De Pere, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

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