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St. Norbert's Abbey, De Pere, Wisconsin, U.S.A.


Looking east toward the Abbey Church.

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A picture of St. Norbert's Abbey in the early 1960's.  Not many trees are planted yet!

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Looking east, the Abbey Church from the cemetery of the confreres.

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A view of the Abbey church and business rooms.  This is your view as you approach via the main entrance.

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Looking east toward the choir in the Abbey Church.

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Enormous nave window at the west end of the Abbey Church.

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Frieze above the altar in the Marian Chapel.

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Windows in the Abbot's Chapel  depicting the life of Saint Norbert.  Left to right: (1) Norbert receives the habit; (2) Norbert defends the Holy Eucharist; (3) Norbert becomes bishop of Magdeburg; and (4) Norbert is canonized.

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This is the covered cloister passageway from the main residences and business rooms to the refectory and Abbey Church.

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A scene only rarely pictured: the rear entrance from the east.

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Despite being in the middle of suburban Green Bay and DePere Wisconsin, the abbey fields give a relaxing sense of serenity.

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One of the inner courtyards within the cloister.

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This is another photo of the inner court area.

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And another . . .

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Here is an aerial view of the Abbey.

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