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Daylesford Abbey, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.


This is the sign welcoming you to Daylesford Abbey at the main entry point on South Valley Road in Paoli Pennsylvania.

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This is the entry road into the abbey grounds.

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This is the front of the Abbey Church of the Assumption.

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This is a profile view of the Abbey Church, showing the magnificent sweep of the architecture.

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This is a view of the grounds, looking toward the bell tower in front of the main entrance to the church, which is at extreme right in this photo.

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Looking through the bell tower toward the main entry of the Abbey Church.

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The "original" wing of the Abbey, now contains residence rooms for guests and retreatants, as well as the abbey offices.

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The "new" wing of the abbey, which is the residence wing for the confreres.

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Interior of the Abbey Church of the Assumption, looking toward altar and choir area. 

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Interior of the Abbey Church of the Assumption, looking toward the vestibule from the choir area.

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Looking through the horn section of the huge pipe organ up to the hexagonal "rose" window above the vestibule.

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One photo of the Divine Word Chapel (to the right of the nave as you are looking toward the apse / front of the Abbey Church).   This is where the hours are sung.

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Another view of the Divine Word Chapel.

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Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament (to the left of the nave as you are looking at the apse / front of the Abbey Church).

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The road which leads from the Abbey buildings shown above, positioned at the "front" of the grounds, back to the retreat houses and original structures at the "rear" of the grounds.

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Looking back from the road above, showing the Abbey Church and the relative position of the "new" residence wing.

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Cross alongside the road to the rear of the Abbey grounds.

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Despite being in suburban Philadelphia, one of America's largest metropolitan areas, the grounds at Daylesford are still open, spacious and inspirational.  They are leased to a local farmer for the production of corn, hay and soybeans.

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One retreat house at the rear of the grounds.

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Smaller retreat houses at the rear of the grounds.

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Home of the original owners (once a horse farm) which is now used as a retreat house.

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View of the small lake at the rear of the property, with the original owners home above left and the very small Chapel of the Baptist at center right.  This small chapel is unique in that its floor has running water (weather permitting) flowing through it - visible to visitors.

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The inner cloister / courtyard of the "original" wing of the Abbey.

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The cloister / portico of the "new" residence wing.

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This is St. Norbert's Priory, located in South Philadelphia. 

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Another view of St. Norbert's Priory.

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This is the Priory Chapel of St. Norbert's, decorated with eight beautiful Stained Glass Windows.

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St. John Newmann High School, staffed by Premonstratensians from the adjacent St. Norbert Priory.

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St. Norbert Priory has two interesting sets of stained glass windows.  This first set of four is in the Priory Church.  This window depicts Norbert's confirmation by Pope Calixtus II.

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This second window of the Priory Church set shows Norbert receiving the Rule by St. Augustine (upper) and the habit bestowed by the Blessed Virgin (lower).

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This third window in the Priory Church set shows Norbert's conversion (upper) and his ordination.

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This fourth and last window of the Priory Church set shows various activities from the Life of St. Norbert during his preaching in the countryside.

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St. Norbert's Priory also has a set of stained glass windows in the auxiliary "side chapels" -- one for each chapel.   This window is in the St. Gertrude chapel.

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This window is in the St. Godfrey chapel.

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This window is in the St. Hubert chapel.

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This window is in the St. Ursula chapel.

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Parish of St. Gabriel, South Philadelphia.   Served by confreres from both St. Norbert Priory and Daylesford. 

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St. Norbert Parish, Daylesford, less than a mile from the Abbey, and served by the confreres.

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