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Dale Abbey, England


This is an older photo of the the main portal at the abbey church of Dale.  We have kept it since the perspective from which it was taken is now located in the middle of a sheep pasture which is surrounded by an electronic fence, which we were unable to vault! 

imdale01.jpg (21497 bytes)

The Chapel at Dale, showing at left original Romanesque elements, with post-Reformation additions on the right. dale05.jpg (26677 bytes)
Medieval tracery in the chapel. dale06.jpg (29198 bytes)
Pathway to the cave of the "Baker's Hermit" dale11.jpg (30883 bytes)
The "Baker-Hermit's" cave in the hills overlooking Dale.  A famous healer, he lived his life in this cave.   Markings above the holes strongly suggest an "awning" and porch in front of this cave. dale07.jpg (27544 bytes)
Interior of the cave.  Note the "carved cross" dale08.jpg (28880 bytes)
Interior of the cave, other end.  Note the "devotional niche" carved into the wall. dale09.jpg (25248 bytes)
The view looking down from the Hermit's cave, and toward Dale. dale12.jpg (23319 bytes)
Another view immediately below the arch.   The Abbey Church and attendant buildings are entirely destroyed and not excavated, and lay on the other side of this arch. dale13.jpg (22258 bytes)
Another perspective. dale15.jpg (24461 bytes)
Another view of the former abbey infirmary, now "The Chapel" at Dale.
Medieval painting in "The Chapel" of the Visitation.
Older photograph of student's visiting the "Bakers Hermitage" cave. 
View of Dale Abbey Church eastern apse window arch from neighboring sheep pastures.