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Coverham Abbey, Coverdale, England


Our thanks to Brian, a friend of the Order for submitting 
several of these photos of Coverham Abbey!
Picturesque valley where Coverham is located (abbey remains are in center of this photo).

Two Nave pillars at Coverham, viewed face on.

Coverham-03.jpg (16863 bytes)

West end pillar (left), and Nave Pillars (right center). Coverham-01.jpg (24200 bytes)
Another view of the Nave Pillars. Coverham-02.jpg (25416 bytes)
Abbey structure (perhaps the guest house) with a fine perpendicular window. Coverham-05.jpg (21559 bytes)
Finely lettered slab, now inset into the wall of the farmhouse. Coverham-06.jpg (19604 bytes)
Finely lettered slab, now inset into the farmhouse. Coverham-07.jpg (35182 bytes)
Another abbey wall.
Door with abbey insignia inset above and to side.
Tomb covers.
Remnant of Comedy / Tragedy motif.  
Insignia on modern wall.
Modern garden wall with insets of abbey remnant finds.
Abbey wall.