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Immaculate Conception Priory, Claymont, Delaware, U.S.A.


This is an exterior shot of the former Priory at Claymont.   It is built in the style of an Italian "Loggia" and is now the property of Archmere Academy.  

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This is the view as one enters through the front vestibule.  

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This is a hint of the view in the interior atrium courtyard.  All the floors are marble, all the walls intricately carved.  The roof is composed completely of a skylight.  At the time of the visit, the stained glass of the skylight was being refurbished.

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This is a view from the second floor ballustrade, looking down.  You can see more clearly here the ornate intricacy of the marble floor and carved columns.  At upper right is the "Music Room."

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Unfortunately, during our visit, we were completely unprepared for the beauty of Claymont.  We did not have the proper lighting, lenses, or other equipment to photograph the interiors properly.  

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This is the Dining Room.

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Recreation Room.

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This is the view from the rear portico, showing the huge lawns, athletic fields, and beyond them the Delaware river.   In the distance is New Jersey.

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This is a view of the magnificently sculptured formal garden which is just outside the Priory. 

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