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Mumbai (Bombay) Ministries Unit of St. Norbert Priory, Jamtara, India
(Bandra East, Pune)


This is the "official" photo of Mumbai in the 1995 Catalogus of Norbertine Houses.

IMBombay77.jpg (15444 bytes)

The Norbertine Fathers' House. mum-56.jpg (19419 bytes)
The Parish at Bandra East mum-57.jpg (24689 bytes)
Bandra East: Church of St. Joseph the Worker -- Fr. Leo, O. Praem. (center) is the parish priest. mum-58.jpg (26203 bytes)
Bandra East: Interior of St. Joseph the Worker Church. mum-59.jpg (20544 bytes)
Cardinal Gracias High School mum-60.jpg (14763 bytes)
Cardinal Gracias High School: Principal's Office, Fr. Albert Xalxo. mum-61.jpg (18010 bytes)
Cardinal Gracias High School: Activity on the Basketball Court. mum-62.jpg (18741 bytes)
Cardinal Gracias High School: School Assembly mum-63.jpg (32599 bytes)
Cardinal Gracias High School: Home Science Class mum-64.jpg (23778 bytes)
Bandra East Community Center (B.E.C.C.)   At left is Fr. Henry Sequeira, O. Praem., Director of Social Work. mum-65.jpg (25136 bytes)
B.E.C.C.: Tailoring Class mum-66.jpg (23921 bytes)
B.E.C.C.: Child Care Nursery mum-67.jpg (19287 bytes)
B.E.C.C.: Typing Class mum-68.jpg (17797 bytes)
Pune: AASHIYANA - A Norbertine Study House for students of Philosophy and Theology.  These students will progress to the Papal Athenaeum for additional classes. mum-69.jpg (24264 bytes)
Pune: AASHIYANA: The new wing. mum-70.jpg (21123 bytes)
Pune: AASHIYANA: Norbertine Brothers with Fr. Sunil Kandulna, O. Praem. (center) mum-71.jpg (26493 bytes)