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Blanchland, England
Aerial photo showing the remains of Blanchland.
Green square - gatehouse, with modern road passing through
the cloister area.
Brown squares - cloister buildings, refurbished by the
antiquarian owner of the land and occupied by townspeople.
Red square - abbey church tower at what was centre of crossing
Yellow square - surviving abbey church remnant, actually a portion
of the south trancept.  
Closeup of the abbey church remnant, with cemetery at its side.
In lower portion of photo are some of the refurbished cloister buildings
(Photo Credit: R. D. Norbert Backmund, O.Praem., in the 1950s)
Another view of the abbey church remnnant.
(Photo Credit: R. D. Norbert Backmund, O.Praem., in the 1950s)


Sign outside the present church and graveyard.


Gatehouse (interior aspect) with pedestrian walkway through it, 
and auto-road passing it on its right.  The
abbey church remnant is behind these buildings
to the right.  
Cloister buildings, with road running directly through 
what was the quadrangle of the monastery.
Of course these 'cloister buildings bear no resemblance to
the medieval buildings of the abbey.  They were converted into village 
residences and stores in the 18th century.


Modern view of the church exterior (south front)
showing tower, south transept and church remnant.


Present entrance, former south transept door.


Present church, in part of what was the south transept of the Abbey Church.


Abbatial Tomb.


Tomb of the Abbey's Gamekeeper.  


Vestibule of south transept, where tombs are located.  


Cloister roof line on front exterior of church.


Clerestory window remains on exterior church wall.


Exterior font to the side of the south transept entry.


In the southwest corner of the graveyard outside the present front entry 
can be seen a remaining wall of the original nave.  The graveyard
is in and adjacent to the former nave.