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Bäckaskog, Skåne, Sweden


Two older views of Backaskog

(Photo credit:  R.D. Norbert Backmund, O.Praem,  in the 1950s)

(Photo credit:  R.D. Norbert Backmund, O.Praem,  in the 1950s)

This is a view of Bäckaskog from the parking area.  The main entryway is seen at right, framed in red.

backaskog01.jpg (20582 bytes)

Interior castle garden area. 1-back-01.jpg (25441 bytes)
Another view of the main castle buildings from inside the garden area. 1-back-02.jpg (20060 bytes)
Remnants of the castle chapel, which MAY be on the site of the former Cloister Church. backaskog02.jpg (30262 bytes)
Another view of the castle chapel. backaskog03.jpg (25740 bytes)
Shrine within the castle chapel. backaskog04.jpg (22436 bytes)
Cloister area / garden. backaskog05.jpg (27783 bytes)
Cloister area / garden. backaskog06.jpg (23758 bytes)
Some very old buildings remain and were incorporated into the castle post-Reformation. backaskog07.jpg (26495 bytes)
A view of the side gate from what was the Cloister garden area.  The castle chapel is to the right (red brick building). backaskog08.jpg (18378 bytes)
Wider view of the Cloister garden area.   The castle now is used as a Conference Center. backaskog09.jpg (22198 bytes)
View of the side gate area from the outside. backaskog10.jpg (20483 bytes)
One of the two lakes which virtually surround Bäckaskog.  This site is situated on a very narrow finger of land between the two lakes. backaskog11.jpg (16297 bytes)
Not far from Bäckaskog, and dating back to the mid 12th century, is Gualöv parish church.   Many Romanesque elements remain to this parish church, and it almost certainly was a parish of Bäckaskog. gualov parish 1.jpg (25310 bytes)
You can clearly see on this photo  of Gualöv -- taken on the  other side from the photo above -- some of the original Romanesque (unpainted) elements of the church. gualov parish 3.jpg (16583 bytes)
Here you can see some of the "Danish-style" additions to Gualöv made post-Reformation. gualov parish 4.jpg (15504 bytes)
Another view of the Romanesque apse of Gualöv. gualov parish 5.jpg (19279 bytes)
A closer view of the apse at Gualöv. gualov parish 6.jpg (20881 bytes)
Another view, looking toward the bell tower of the Gualöv parish church. gualov parish 7.jpg (18771 bytes)
You can clearly see where additions were made to this church, without any reference to or concern about "cutting off" previous Romanesque elements of the Gualöv parish church. gualov parish 8.jpg (20461 bytes)
Another view of the apse, at right, altar area (dark roof) and beginning of the nave (green roof) at Gualöv parish.  gualov parish 9.jpg (18837 bytes)