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Name:  Oradea Mare (Varadhegyfok/Magnovarad), Romania, St. Stephen Protomartyr Abbey

Years of Activity:

Circary:  Hungarian

Diocese: Oradea (Roman Catholic)

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Monasticon Praemonstratense (I, 465-7)

Elm Number:  350*


Founded in the latter part of the 12th century, and both a powerful and wealthy house.  Given to the Carthusians in 1494, it was reclaimed by the Order in 1705; and suppressed in 1787.  Reoccupied in 1924.  Before 1945 the canonry was situated in Hungarian territory, with the Hungarian name Varadhegyfok.  After 1945 the canonry was situated in Romanian territory, with the new Romanian name of Oradea.  This house suffered ruthless suppression by the communist government after 1945 for both political/economic and sociological reasons (Hungarians are not particularly welcomed in Romania).  Since the end of the communist tryanny, this abbey has begun to flourish once again.  

* This listing (and the numbers, with a few adjustments after 1995) is based on the map contained in Kaspar Elm's Norbert von Xanten: Adliger, Ordensstifter, Kirchenfürst, Wienand Verlag, Köln, 1984, page 328-329.