Summary Page:  Former House

Name:  Berne, near Heusden on the river Maas, Netherlands, B.M.V and S. Joann. Bapt.

Circary:  Brabant

Diocese:  Utrecht

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Monasticon Praemonstratense (II, 274)

Elm Number:  120*


Founded near the south bank of the Maas, just east of the present town of Heusden, on August 3, 1134. After the time of religious and political disturbances in the 16th century, the house was vacated. 

It was again restored at a different location, in Heeswijk-Dinther, on February 2, 1857 as a daughter house of Marienweerd abbey in Noord-Brabant.

* This listing (and the numbers, with a few adjustments after 1995) is based on the map contained in Kaspar Elm's Norbert von Xanten: Adliger, Ordensstifter, Kirchenfürst, Wienand Verlag, Köln, 1984, page 328-329.