Summary Page:  Former House

Name:  Bellevaux, B.M.V and St. Paul

Circary:  Arvernia

Years of Activity:  1188-1790

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Approximate modern location:  In the village of Limaton (Dep. Nièvre) in Burgundy, around 40 km. east of Nevers, between Nevers and Autun, France.

Monasticon Praemonstratense (III, 143)

Elm Number*: 195

Other comment:  The medieval monastery and church of the 13th century remain.  Now, they are part of a farm.  

* This listing (and the numbers, with a few adjustments after 1995) is based on the map contained in Kaspar Elm's Norbert von Xanten: Adliger, Ordensstifter, Kirchenfürst, Wienand Verlag, Köln, 1984, page 328-329.