Summary Page: Former House

Name:   Obermedlingen - Maria Himmelfahrt, Bavaria, Germany

Time of Activity:  1987 - 1996 / 2007

Circary: German

Diocese: Augsburg

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Monasticon Praemonstratense:  (no citation)


The German part of the community of Tepl resided at Schönau from 1946, and in 1949 established the "Canonry of Teple in the monastery of Schönau."  In 1968 some confreres of this community went to Villingen, and the last confreres left Schönau in 1973.  At this time, the seat of the community then changed to Villingen.  This community began very successful activities in Mananthavady (Kerala, India).  In 1987 the seat of the community again moved, this time to Medlingen, and on 19 December 1987, the community established the "Canonry of Tepl in Obermedlingen."  In 1996 the last Norbertine father left Obermedlingen.  Some Indian confreres work in German Parishes even to this day.  The official seat of the community remained in Obermedlingen until 22 November 2007, at which time it was moved - along with more than 100 Indian confreres, to Mananthavady.  

Other Comments:

This former house in Obermedlingen is now a monastery of Marian Fathers.